Back in the year 2000, I decided I wanted to create my own website and selected the television series "The Magnificent Seven" as the topic. I'd never had a computer lesson in my life but was determined. I read a book on HTML programming and away I went. I then expanded, creating sites for my other interests but life gets in the way of fun and sadly each site was left unattended and unloved for many years as I focused on my profession and my family.

Fastforward to 2021. Aware of the fact that I need to find time to relax, I have decided to resurrect two of my four sites - "The Magnificent Seven" dedicated to this short-lived tv series, and my site focused the comic book hero Dick Grayson aka Robin/Nightwing/Batman.

I have been working behind the scenes to uplate all links so that they are working sites. All going well, I will start expanding them both. Until then, the content is uploaded here in case it is of interest to others. Below are the two 'corners' you will find on my site. Just click on the picture to be whisked off to that corner.

6th November 2022

Hi Everyone

We lost a good friend this month. I have been away from the fandom for so long and only reconnected recently. On Sunday, I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed a chat with Amelia. Gone too soon. Hug those you love, everyone.

Website Update: Dick Grayson - Nothing new here. However, I have recently purchased Season 3 of Titans so I hope to start watching that. That may spark some enthusiasm towards reviewing more episodes. :)

Website Update: Magnificent Seven - Nothing new here.

Writing Update: Dick Grayson Nothing new.

Writing Update: Magnificent Seven No, new writing as such, but I have been editing and reposting stories and my muse is kicking in Em7. I have some ideas to get Episode 10 written and only today have had some ideas for the second story in 7th Sense.

# OW Fiction - Nothing new.

# Em7: Golden Years - New Story - "Still, the Best of the Best" has been posted.

# Em7: Stand Alones - Nothing new.

# Em7: Episodes - Reposting Stories - Em7 Episode 5 has been reposted. I can't thank Teri and Sue enough. With your help, girls, I have put that demond to bed. I have finished editing Episode 6 and that is with my wonderful beta readers. Hope to repost that soonish.

# Kids' Stories: - Nothing new.

# AU Stories - New Story - 7th Sense. Teri, Sue and I have been reoccupied with Em7, but I hope to get back to that one too. :)

That's all for the moment. Only five weeks until my Christmas break... not that I am counting. :)


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