Art work created using the amazing talents of George Perez... one of my favourite Dick Grayson artists.

Providing a biography for a character who has had over 80 years of writers, editors and DC executive teams - all who placed their 'spin' on Dick's character - is a daunting task, but I have done my best.

I have divided the biography into sections and due to the sheer volume of information, have placed each section on a separate page. I suggest reading in order but it isn't necessary. If you disagree with something I've written or believe I should include some additional information, I'd love to hear from you.

I would like to acknowledge that I have used the following sources to assist in creating this biography.

Please note: This page is under construction.

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Biography Sections
PART 1: General Information - Introduction to the character including aliases, costumes over time, vehicles, and abodes.
PART 2: Origin Stories - Summary of the major origin stories listed in the order they were written.
PART 3: Key Relationships - Outline of the key relationships in Dick's life.
PART 4: Through the Ages - Examining Dick from Golden Age through to now and summarising the major storylines.
PART 5: Timeline - An attempt to create a timeline of Dick's twenty-something years of life.
PART 6: Key Events Retconned- Examination of the events in Dick's life that have been retconned out of existence.
PART 7: Major Friends/Allies - Examination of Dick's major Friends/Allies.
PART 8: Major Villains/Foes - Examination of the major villains/foes that have affected Dick's life.
PART 9: Multiverse - Examination of the many versions of Dick across multiverse, Elseworlds and the different mediums in which Dick has been portrayed.
PART 10: Key Writers and Artists - The key writers and artistis who have shaped Dick's Character
PART 11: Essential Reading - Stories every Dick Grayson fan should read.
PART 12: Favourite Moments - My favourite Dick Grayson moments and quotes.
PART 13: Novels - Not graphic novels, but traditional novels Dick has appeared in.
PART 14: Multimedia - Summary of Dick's appearances in Television, Movies, Video games, Fanvideos etc.
PART 15: Pictures- A Collection of my favourite pictures of Dick.
PART 16: Miscellaneous - All of the other bits and bobs.