Dick Grayson... Robin... Nightwing... Batman

Dick Grayson was created by Sherrill 'Jerry' Robinson, Bob Kane and William Finger in 1940. Since that time, he has appeared in most DC titles at one time or other. He is, without a doubt, the most enduring comic book character in the DC world. Unlike his mentor, who has not visibly aged, Dick has grown up before readers' eyes. From the tender age of eight when his parents were murdered, to the his current age in his early twenties, he has played many roles - Batman's sidekick, leader of the Titans, solo hero, super spy and of course, he has taken the mantle of the Bat on two occasions.

He had his brightest period during the days of the Teen Titans when Marv Wolfman wrote him as a strong, fair and exceptional leader who struggled with relationships - both with women and with his mentor/father. His darkest days were in his solo book when he was written as an incompetent emotional wreck. Thankfully he emerged from this period relatively unscathed to take on the role of Batman when Bruce was lost in time.

Dick has survived each of DC's culling exercises to date. We know he only narrowly survived Infinite Crisis and Forever Evil. One can only hope DC has finally recognised the important place Dick has in the universe.

This site is a place to celebrate this fantastic character. My goal is to list and review every one of his appearances and to create a fan's timeline for Dick. A huge job, but one I am enjoying immensely. I welcome feedback and would love to discuss Dick with you.