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What is Em7 all about?
One friend described it as "Mission Impossible" with a dash of the "A-Team." Em7, Executative Mediation Seven, is an elete response unit - the best of the best. They deal with extreme situations using extreme measures. They are the first, last and only line of defense when traditional agencies are unable to deal with a situation.

THIS UNIVERSE IS CLOSED I hope you will respect this decision. If you want to write in a modern universe, I encourage you to create your own or use one of the open ones. Thank you for your understanding.

Aussie Lass.

BACKGROUND Hi everyone. Yes, I have a lot to tell you before you start the story. First of all, this AU is based on an original fiction I wrote in the late 1980s. Em7 was created in the Year 2000. It is a fantasy. I have created a parallel world - an alternate reality. Some of the things I describe do not exist and have never happened. So while you are reading, PLEASE remember that this is not meant to be based on any facts. I have created a fictitious country, a non-existent war and a couple of medical conditions.

I'm Australian and as this is my playground, I have included some Aussie touches to the story. Please indulge me this little luxury and enjoy them for what they are. No, I haven't turned the boys into a group of Aussies, but I do use some Australian terms which I have gone out of my way to eliminate in my other writing.

These stories are not set during a war but the war is the place where five of the characters met and thus it is important in that regard.

DISCLAIMER: I have based the characters on those from the western television series "The Magnificent Seven"... which belong to MGM and Trilogy Entertainment. No infrigement of copyright was intended and no profit has been made from this story... so, please don't sue me. It wouldn't be worth your while. However, the distinctive way the story unfolds, the specific dialogue and unique situations and backgrounds are mine.

Special Thanks: Thank you to all those who have sent support. Pards, I am in your debt. In particular, thank you to the girls on the Vin Fanfic and Discussion Group. And then there is Teri. Teri, there are no words.

I enjoy discussing the boys. I can be reached here

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Four Types of Stories

I have developed four types of stories in this Au.

EPISODES: These are the main stories. They follow a chronological sequence and impact upon one another. You need to start at Episode One... which outlines the creation of the team and gives details of each of the boy's backgrounds... and move through the stories in sequence.

PRIMA SERIES: Prima: ‘before’. This series chronicles the boys’ adventures before they became Em7. It includes
- “Tales from Katinda: Campfire tales recounting the actions of the STF1 during the war. “
- “Em6 Archives: Reviews of cases encountered before Vin joined the group.”
- “The Early Years: Anecdotes of the Seven’s lives before they met.”

STAND ALONES: I started writing these for fun and so I could respond to the challenge fics on the Vin Fanfic and Discussion Group. They are short stories that have no chronological place in the series. Most are only a couple of pages long.

GOLDEN YEARS: After a 12 year break, I started writing again. My muse took me to what would have happened to the boys once they retired.

(No Em7 Prima stories have been reposted yet - July 2022)

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