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Welcome to my Magnificent Seven Corner. The Magnificent Seven was an incredible television series that lasted only two short seasons. It included quality acting and quality scripts This is my small way of keeping the boys riding.

Please feel free to browse at your leisure. You will notice an emphasis on Vin Tanner... I make no apology for that. (g)

Please Note: I stopped updating my Magnificent Seven site many years ago, but Covid has sent me looking for a way to relax and so I have started working on it again. Hope you enjoy.


This is the central menu for my site. At the moment it has two 'corners'. "Dick Grayson" and "The Magnificent Seven".


My Magnificent Seven Home Page is this one. It is an index of the sections on my Magnficent Seven Corner. The menu directory at the top will allow you to travel from page to page at will. Please relax and browse... and let me know if there are any broken links
Aussie Lass.

This is a great place to start if you don't know a lot about the Seven or want to check something quickly. On this page you will find a brief history of the show, general information about the series, a character analysis of the seven main characters, and an episode list. Click on the picture to be taken to the page.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021

A guide to the episodes. I started to provide both short and detailed summaries of each episode and brought together audio clips, screen grabs, video clips, copy of the script and a novelisation of each episode. This section section of my site was never completed, but there are bits and pieces there.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021

Promotional pictures of the cast, screen grabs I grabbed from each episode, and some of the hundreds of collages I created of the Mag 7 boys.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021
I have grabbed some of my favourite scenes from each episode. All clips play on Windows Media Player.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021

I have grabbed some of my favourite quotes from each episode and saved them as audio clips. Enjoy. (G)

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021

Copies of some articles written about the show and also a couple of interviews with the cast.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021

Biography and filmography information on the talented cast of the "Magnificent Seven". I have a page dedicated to some of the actors from the show, links to IMDB and an incomplete site on Eric Close. Perhaps one day I will complete it.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021
Copies of the scripts.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021

I used to create "Magnificent Seven" themed calendars. The last lot I made were for 2009 and they are still up.

I've always loved to write but only my sister had every read any of my stories. :) In May 2000, I decided to take the plunge, write an M7 piece and post it online. This was the first step into a new world for me... one I loved. I plucked up the courage and contaced Nancy to ask if she would post my story on her Blackrapter site. I will always be grateful to Nancy for the kindness and encouragement she gave me. Three months later, I decided to place my ramblings about the Seven on my own page.

In 2003 I was viciously flamed. My confidence was shattered and my love of writing temporarily stolen by this faceless individual. Sadly, the person escalated her attacks to harrassment and threats of harm. While my confidence has never truly recovered, I started writing Nightwing fanfiction where I was accepted and supported. Life then got in the way and now, in 2021, I am back writing Nightwing and have some ideas for Mag 7 too. My stories are here to share with anyone who is interested.

Old West Fanfiction
My Old West Fiction is divided into a number of sections. Click title above.

OLD WEST - Stories set in the Old West.

Vincentric Episode Enhancements - Like most Mag 7 fans, I loved every episode of this incredible show... but I feel there were some missed 'Vin' opportunities. (g) I have taken some of the episodes and 'Vinified' them... that is, added or slightly changed things to suit how I would have loved the episode to play out.

Episode Missing Scenes and 'What if?' stories - Missing scenes are just that. Scenes that could have taken place between the scenes shown in the episode. 'What if?' stories are my chance to actually change something. What if this had happened?

Alterante Universe Fanfiction
It has been fun to place the boys in different universes. Most of these are my own original universes. Click title above.

Em7 Fanfiction
So just what is Em7 all about? One friend described it as "Mission Impossible" with a dash of the "A-Team." Em7: Executative Mediation Seven, is an elete response unit - the best of the best. They deal with extreme situations using extreme measures. They are the first, last and only line of defense when traditional agencies are unable to deal with a situation.

Em7: Book of Fate Fanfiction
Reality is a myth. The men of Em7 are drawn into a quest to save all mankind from an evil waiting to be reborn. (Unfinished)

M7 Lost in Space Fanfiction
The boys are sent on a mission to find new accomodation for Earth's residents, but their craft is sabotaged and they end up... Lost in Space.(Unfinished)

7th Sense
Innocent people are being murdered. Seven Men are drawn together to defend the innocent, each with a different but unusual skill that makes them a force for good against an approaching ancient evil. (Unfinished)

Kids Fanfiction
What if some of the boys were children? I have created some Kids AU's of my own and also written a few Little Britches stories - LB was created by Barbretta Hayden, K. Poffenberger and S. Berry.

Yet to be updated and made available again. Date: Sept 2021
Links to some useful Mag 7sites. This page includes links to somegeneral Mag 7 sites which are still operational (as of 2013), sites dedicated to the individual actors who stared in Mag7, fiction sties, places to find sounds, pictures, transcripts etc.

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This page is for fan enjoyment and review. All pictures, audio and video remain the property of their original owners. Fanfiction - The distinctive way the story unfolds, the specific dialogue and unique situations are mine. No infringement of copyright is intended. I am making no money from this site... I wish! (g)